Giant Puffball
Giant Puffball

A friend just brought us this amazing Giant Puffball from a nearby field. This huge mushroom has an almost marshmallow consistency and a firm skin.

A Giant Puffball needs to be firm and white inside. If there is any yellow-ish discolouration do not eat it – see example below and this link that confirms how to identify a Giant Puffball.

FYI recipes I’ve found online say to remove the skin (because it can cause gastro-intestinal upset for some people) but I didn’t remove the skin and we were fine.

How to Cook a Giant Puffball

We cut ours into 1cm thick cubes, fried them in butter and oil with finely diced garlic, tarragon and pepper and salt.

The puffball doesn’t give off lots of water like field mushrooms do when fried – so we put a lid on the pan to contain the steam and stop them sticking. Otherwise you have to keep adding lots of butter/oil.

We used the sauted mushroom, chopped tomato and grated cheese as an omlette filling.

Here are some other ideas:

Dip in egg, then breadcrumbs and fry.

Puffball Pizza – where you grill slices of puffball till it is crispy on both sides and then top them with your favourite pizza toppings.

Puffball & Bacon Burger – can also be made with a big field mushroom

Puffball Parmigiana & other great ideas



Non-edible Giant Puffball

Giant Puffball Cut - yellow insideThis Giant Puffball could not be eaten as it was discoloured when cut open. Apparently yellow, brown, or purple discolouration of the flesh means the spores are starting to form and it is no longer good to eat.