4 Legs Community Radio update

Plan to bring 4Legs Community Radio to the Lambourn Valley

Project Statement by Chris Capel (May 2017)

It’s been a goal of mine to provide an internet Community Radio Station for the Lambourn Valley.

Now I’m hoping it will come to fruition this year! My plan in the short-term is to pilot the Radio Station for approximately six – eight months and broadcast one day per week.

The objective is to offer programmes that serve the needs of the Lambourn Valley currently not provided by other radio stations. From items of local interest and news, together with sport and music, the intention is to educate, stimulate, and entertain the listeners to reflect the diversity of the Lambourn Valley community. I will be aiming to offer programmes that engage with some of the elderly and less mobile members of the community, and because we live in the Valley of the Racehorse there will be a slot that covers racing as well.

This is a very exciting initiative and I’m confident that it will be supported by the community. This being the case the aim will be to extend broadcasting to a minimum of three days per week in 2018. It would also be my intention to register the Radio Station as a non-profit making Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

This is great opportunity for young people to have a voice and I would therefore like to involve local schools and youth groups next year.

Project Update by Chris Capel (August 2017)

Since the initial project statement, I shared with you in the Spring the main focus has been to seek the funding required to get the radio station up and running.  I’ve applied to a number of organisations and potential funders. Some of the applications have been unsuccessful and some I’m still waiting to receive an update from. This has proved somewhat frustrating and has held up some of the key activities but I remain confident the funding required funding will be obtained all be it that it won’t be within the time scales I’d originally hoped.

As a consequence of the delay in receiving the funding, I’ve pushed out the forecast Go Live date to late-November 2017. Although this is a lot later than planned I’m not too concerned as it’s giving me more time to make sure I get everything right for day 1.  If I do not receive most of the funding needed within the next few weeks I will opt to go down the Crowd Funding route.

I can however report that the following progress has or is being made:

  • New Broadband connection installed
  • Streaming service secured and ready to use
  • Re-furbished IT kit is being sourced via local IT Company at low costs. Expect delivery by end of August
  • Draft web site developed
  • Studio design complete and studio build planned to be done by end of September. Some studio furniture has been obtained.
  • A number of potential radio presenters identified
  • Continuing to ‘spread the word’ by attending local groups, forums and speaking with key individuals within the Community

I will endeavor to keep you informed every month leading up to the Go Live date with the next update being towards the end of September.  I will however share anything significant with you should it occur in the meantime.



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