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Paddock Maintenance Tips

Six top paddock maintenance tips from Jim at Broadmead Estate Services – three are relevant to the high summer but the others are worth thinking about now.

• Many paddocks need ‘topping’ at this time of year to help maintain a healthy grass sward. If you need help with this, we can carry out topping of both small and large paddocks using either our ATV or tractor-mounted rotary or flail mowers.

• Herbicide applications are often needed to control weeds such as thistles, nettles, docks and ragwort. Again, we can help with this if you need, either by using our range of ATV & tractor-mounted sprayers or, for a more targeted approach, our ATV-mounted weed wiper: this will apply herbicide directly to the target weeds without having to do an overall spray.

• As the ground is dry and firm at this time of year, machinery can access the land without causing damage to the ground, so it is an ideal opportunity to replace and repair all types of paddock fences and gates before the onset of the winter rain, wind and mud.

• Looking ahead, September sees the start of the hedge-cutting season: if you don’t have the time or equipment to do this yourself, we offer tractor-mounted hedge cutting service. As with the paddocks and fences, it’s best to get this done before the ground becomes too wet and muddy.

• Autumn is also an ideal time to carry out both over-seeding and new seeding of paddocks and grass fields to regenerate and enhance the grass sward. We can do this for you with our tractor-mounted combination of harrow, flat roll and air-seeder.

• Once the Spring finally arrives and the year has come full circle, it’s time to start harrowing, rolling and applying fertilizer where needed to give your grass the best chance of looking healthy throughout the year.

Broadmead Estate Services, based in Hungerford, offers a wide range of property management and maintenance services, including groundworks, riverbank restoration, seeding and turfing, tree and shrub planting, fencing, drive and path construction, hedge cutting, paddock maintenance and hard landscaping.

For more information, email office@broadmead-estates.co.uk, call 01488 686 004 or visit the website.

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