East Garston Allotments Flower & Produce Show 2017


One of the best shows yet, was the general opinion.

This year’s show formed part of the Village Fete and attracted a good attendance despite the rather dodgy weather in the morning.

This was our eighth year of running the Show and we are never sure quite how many entries there will be. This season’s difficult growing conditions did nothing to relieve the anxiety, however, we need not have worried. Many of the classes had more entries than usual so we are confident that the show is gaining in popularity every year, and the quality of entries was very high too. As an added bonus, we were also treated to a small exhibition of photography by Peter Cook, an idea we hope to develop in future shows.

Several aspects of this year’s show were particularly satisfying:

  • A very high number of entrants, with 50 adults and 20 children, submitted a total of 230 entries.
  • The honours were well spread with 39 different winners (55% of entrants).
  • 30% of entrants came from outside of East Garston.
  • And Pat Murphy excelled himself yet again with the very successful, and highly amusing, produce auction, achieving a new record of £36 for a fruit cake!

Roll on next year!

Produce show report 2017



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