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June Gardening
Growing Basil

Quick tip for getting the most number of leaves off your basil plants:

Now there will be 2 main stems and double the number of leaves to harvest.


Sprouting Peas

Pease are my favourite crop for picking and snacking. But I usually get over keen when trying to germinate them and water them too much so they dissolve into mush before they can sprout. So this year I decided to soak the peas first so I can see when they have started to sprout and then plant them. A few have turned to mush but so far I’m having a much better success rate than usual with this technique.


Rescuing Frost Damaged Beans

I stupidly left a tray of French Beans out one night in mid May. I was going to compost the lot but a friend suggested cutting them back.


Look at them now – just a couple of weeks later


Slug Wars

We have chickens and hedgehogs in our garden so we hate using slug pellets. Click here for alternative gastropod control techniques we’ve come up with over the years.


• compost needs oxygen and good way to trap air in it is by layering small, closed cardboard boxes throughout the heap
• reminder to men to pee on their compost heap! According to The Daily Telegraph this is an important chore and one that is physically easier for men and their pee happens to be slightly less acidic than women’s


how to water your plants for best root growth

• living next to a stream that is nearly drying out makes you very conscious of not wasting water. I try to minimise evaporation by covering the soil with large leaves. Plastic sheets on seed trays also speeds up germination. Also saves time in not having to water pots so much.


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