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Founded in 2009, we’re one of the oldest social media marketing agencies in the UK. We’re skilled in the art (and science) of making businesses magnetic, and have worked with all types of businesses. These range from the very large, such as Bayer, Vodafone and Microsoft to small and local businesses, including architects, interior designers, jewellers, arts centres, and health professionals, B2B retailers, charities large and small.

We understand how to take all the elements of your social media, digital marketing and PR and integrate them to make them work harder. These helps you gain the results you are looking for, whether that’s selling a new product, gaining new clients, improving the company’s reputation, or simply saving you time and improving the bottom line.

Word of mouth is amplified on social media, and we know which influencers are key to cracking different niches. The flip side of that is that social media can be a double-edged sword, and so we also provide social media monitoring and crisis planning in conjunction with PR resources to protect your business.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is the key to successful marketing and sales, and we are specialists in creating regular analytic reports that are easy to understand and apply, thus ensuring you get a good ROI. We also realise that there is no point generating loads of engagement and a big audience on social media if you can’t convert them to paying clients, and so we pride ourselves on being able to make your website work as a marketing engine.

What else? SEO. By integrating all your activities and leveraging them properly we don’t just save our clients time and money, we are usually able to get them to the top of Google within a few months. You can read a case study about how we did that for a Newbury business right here.

What’s the skinny? We help businesses become more effective at marketing themselves, while maximising their resources so they save time and make more money.

Want that? Drop us a line at and let’s have a chat.


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