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Sole Trader Tax Return Offer

Do you normally file your taxes at the very last minute? I normally do mine on 28 January and then swear that next year I will get them done much, much sooner. But it never happens and I let the stress weigh over me all summer and winter. By the time the deadline looms close enough it can’t be ignored anymore, I open my spreadsheets with dread because I can’t remember what they mean…

To help sole traders avoid the stress of tax returns weighing over them, Aliz at Wise Book-keeping is offering a great incentive to get your taxes done as soon as the financial year ends in April – rather than waiting till the following January deadline. The other advantage of filing early is that you discover how much tax you might owe and have time to prepare for the deadline of paying it.

Aliz is offering to file your tax return at a great price of £39.95 if you book and pay by 5 April 2017. After that you need to get your income and expenditure figures to her by 30 April 2017 (she offers a free spreadsheet template to help organise your figures). You will receive regular updates until your tax return is completed and filed.

You can also join her Early Bird Tax Return facebook support group

And if you decide you need help with book-keeping of your income and expenditure figures, Wise Bookkeeping can help you at a rate of £30/hr (book-keeping is not included in the £39.95 tax return fee).

How to Sign up for the Tax Return Offer

To sign up for the offer or enquire about any book-keeping services you might need, please email or call 0800 133 7600 and request a callback from Aliz, leaving your contact details & availability.

Or visit Wise Book-keeping


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