Appeal for Trainers and Plimsoles

A friend of ours works at a mental health unit in Swindon and part of her job is to integrate people into community activities and prevent re-admissions.

Recently she has had a number of patients who have been keen to take up sport or attend a gym but have been declined as they don’t have the right footwear i.e. trainers/plimsoles etc.

“It is sad that this is the only barrier when they are motivated and willing to improve their health,” explains Libby. “I was wondering if I could ask if anyone might be able to donate any good condition soft soled shoes – eg trainers or plimsoles – that we could use for this purpose. They don’t need to be flash. A lot of our patients are in supported housing on low income or are homeless with no income. This footwear would help them tick a box to get access to the gym.”

If you are able to donate men’s or women’s trainers or plimsoles sizes 4-9 please contact Libby on or 01488 648577.

Thank you!

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