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Why You Should be Looking Forward to 5 April

Christmas is now a distant memory, Easter Eggs have appeared in every shop window in the land and the rain is showing no sign of letting-up. Still, look on the bright side; there are fewer than 50 sleeps until the end of the tax year! Plenty of time to plan, but don’t delay too long – look how quickly January came and went; even February is now more than half gone…

Now is an ideal time to make sure you look at opportunities for making the most of the tax concessions that are available – many of which will be lost if you don’t act before 5 April.

Here are a few pointers you might like to consider:

•    Making a contribution to reduce your tax bill
•    Taking advantage of unused reliefs from previous years
•    Pension contributions for children/grandchildren

•    Utilising your annual ISA allowance
•    ISA/Junior ISA allowances for children/grandchildren

Tax & Estate Planning
•    Capital gains tax – have you used capital gains/losses?
•    Inheritance tax – have you utilised your annual gift allowances?
•    Pensions – are your nominated beneficiaries up to date?
•    Are your wills up to date?

Personal Tax Planning
•    Generally all individuals are entitled to a Personal Allowance
•    Is everyone in your family taking full advantage of their Personal Allowance?

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