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Donate Spare Apples for Juice for Foodbank Clients!

More apples than you know what to do with?

Did you know that 90% of apples go to waste in private gardens? My Apple Juice in Hungerford can turn your homegrown apples into delicious juice bottled especially for you – or into pouches of juice that will be donated to West Berkshire Foodbank.



Deliver your fruit to My Apple Juice, The Cider Barn, Source Farm Shop, Hungerford Park, Inkpen Road, Hungerford RG17 0RT. Then collect your own juice at £2.50 per bottle, with a personalised label. Apples must be “good enough to eat”. All fruit will be washed & inspected before pressing.

If you don’t want all the juice, tell the team when you deliver and any surplus will be shared equally between the Foodbank & My Apple Juice.


Donate unwanted apples for juicing for Food Bank at the following collection points:

St Lawrence’s Church, The Croft, Hungerford RG17 0JB
(open every day during daylight hours, the apple box will be at the back of the Church)

The Wheatsheaf, Chilton Foliat
(leave apples in boxes or bags by back door any time)

Penny Post, Hillsprings, East Garston RG17 7HW
(leave apples in boxes or bags by front door any time)

Your apples will be juiced and pasteurised and given to West Berkshire Foodbank to support local people in food crisis

How to Contact My Apple Juice


My Apple Juice aims to reduce fruit wastage, while providing healthy, sustainable local food. For more information,

please visit www.myapplejuice.co.uk or phone 01488 68697

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