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Siobhan Nell Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Do you want to feel better about yourself…be better in yourself?

Siobhan Nell Cognitive HypnotherapyWe all have limitations and/or baggage that hold us back from what we want to be and do. If you could remove those limitations and baggage just imagine how different your life would be.

Limitations and baggage include phobias and fears, anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence, unhelpful habits, stress, pain – physical and emotional, anger, lack of energy, too much or too little weight, a feeling of not achieving your potential, difficulty in being in the focus of attention e.g. making presentations, and much more.

All of the above and very much more is treatable by Siobhan Nell with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Is it safe?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis. The client remains in control at all times.

How many sessions will I need?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is brief and extremely effective. Generally about 4 sessions are required but, depending on the problem and the individual, anything from 2 to 8 sessions can be expected.

How long is a session?

Length of sessions vary from 60 to 90 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Not nearly as much as your problem is costing you. Contact Siobhan on 07704 616900 or for session prices.

Client Reviews


“Anxiety has haunted me for as long as I can remember. Even making the appointment to see Siobhan gave me sleepless nights. In my first session with her my fears quietened dramatically. I felt safe and respected and came to believe there really was hope for living in a different way. 6 months on I look back at those old haunted days and wish I had done this years ago. I am so much happier – and so is my wife.” David, Berks

Teeth Grinding

“Two years ago I started grinding my teeth when I got stressed or nervous or even excited. This became a problem – not only did it cause headaches but damage to my teeth. I came to see Siobhan to see if she could help me break the habit. I had 3 sessions with her which I not only found interesting, but it certainly made a difference and the grinding subsequently stopped. I felt completely safe in her hands and from the start knew that she would be able to assist me in this stressful and painful habit. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” Diana Christie-Miller, Wilts


“I called Siobhan up in a state one day about my terrible insomnia and she arranged to see me very quickly. She was so knowledgeable about my situation and I immediately knew that she was going to help me. She explained why I was suffering the way I was and I slowly began to understand the causes and the solutions. Siobhan has been patient and kind throughout all my sessions with her. I tried several therapists previously but have not felt as comfortable and as sure as I have with Siobhan.  My insomnia is a thing of the past now and I can’t thank Siobhan enough. She has been my guardian angel guiding me back to sanity and happiness”.  Debbie L

Claustrophia and fear of falling

“Thank you so much for helping me with my claustrophobia. The flight to San Fransisco was no problem at all. I even found that dislike of heights seemed to have lessened. We decided to go up Coit tower which is high on a hill above the city. Necessitated being crammed in a tiny lift with lots of people, followed by a steep and narrow spiral staircase to a viewing platform high above the ground. I even looked down with no hesitation! Much braver than the others  – who have always made fun of my phobias previously. I gave a you a big challenge with short timescales and you absolutely nailed it. Thanks SO much! We had an amazing holiday and I didn’t spend the whole time worrying about the journey”. D P

Fear of Flying

“Our son can fly since Siobhan treated him for this phobia. Holidays are great fun again!” Jack, Wilts

Extreme exam nerves

“Thank you for everything you helped me with, it’s all really helped with my revision and worrying about exams! I have my first exam next week on Tuesday and I’m feeling relaxed and not paniced at all about them thanks to you”. Text from GCSE student

Eating Problems

“When I first met Siobhan I was in a bit of an emotional state and had certain eating problems. Through her in-depth perception, skill and expertise, understanding and empathy, she gave me back my confidence.” Angela Oliver, SA

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