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Develop Your Dog with Jill Thorpe

DVD retreiving dogDog Behaviourist and Trainer Jill Thorpe offers help and advice for every stage of the life of your dog, from assisting and choosing the right dog for your lifestyle, to helping set up your home and introducing your new dog to your family and home.

Jill believes in a balanced approach to training where the key to success lies with consistency. She uses reward-based methods that appeal to the dog’s psyche of “what’s in it for me”, but above all, she keeps the training fun and enhances communication channels, building a stronger bond between dog and owner.

Behaviour Home Visits

Jill offers common sense and practical solutions for common behaviour problems including Territorial Aggression – Separation Anxiety – Destructive Behaviour – Toilet Training – Food Scavenging – Jumping Up – Pulling on the Lead – Recall – Over Excitement – and more.

General Obedience Classes

She helps you through those early years by delivering regular basic obedience training to achieve that lovely bond we all desire. Jill’s general obedience classes are run from Clanville Village Hall, Clanville, Andover.

Gundog Training

DevelopYourDog gundog-training cropFor those wanting to give their dog a more challenging role for which it was bred either to go out on a shoot or just wanting to achieve a high level of basic obedience, Jill’s Gundog classes in Marlborough may be just what you are looking for.

Fortnightly mid-week training sessions cover:

Term 1: the basic commands to achieve good manners, steadiness and an introduction to the puppy retrieve
Term 2: different types of retrieves as well as basic whistle work
Term 3: extending the retrieving skills with direction control, hunting in cover and more advanced whistle commands, the jump pen, gunshot as well as working your dog in cover at distance.
Term 4: preparing for a simulated shoot, testing steadiness, hunting with other dogs, and retrieving from water

Contact Jill to reserve your place in the new groups.

Puppy Home Training Visits

Jill visits you at home to help you get the most out of those early formative weeks in your puppy’s life. This is the best time to instil all those good behaviours you desire in your dog.

A visit usually lasts up to 3 hours and covers how to manage your puppy at home in the weeks before you can get out and about. It includes the first stages of teaching your puppy good manners and how to go about its socialisation.

A comprehensive report is provided which includes a socialisation plan and the techniques covered in your visit. You then have all the information to hand as you continue training your puppy.

Jill will do home visits in the Newbury/Hungerford/Marlborough/Andover areas.

Client Testimonials

After spending time talking to Jill and seeing her puppy training methods in practice, it has given me confidence (and hope) that we will be able to train our new puppy to grow into a fabulous future companion. Jill’s knowledge on dog behaviour was very interesting and helped me to understand the reasoning behind her training methods. I also appreciated Jill’s advice on all other aspects of bringing up and living with a new puppy including feeding and socialisation. Thanks Jill!  Laura J

After Jill’s behaviour home visit, we are a much calmer household! I am already beginning to see changes in Floss and friends and visitors have also commented. It is taking time but knowing that she is healthy and happy means I’m willing to put the work in. Taking leadership has also benefitted my other dog and he seems much more patient with Flossy.She is much calmer on the whole but I’m still working on her ‘enthusiasm’ for meeting and greeting both myself and others.  Gillian W

After attending Jill’s Obedience Classes we have a calmer dog that responds well to commands and a more confident owner. Excellent course – Practical, friendly and effective. Looking forward to the next steps.  Alison H


For more details or to book a course contact Jill on:
07901 651 663

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