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Alder Bridge blonde girlWhat’s the definition of unique? The Oxford Dictionary definition is: ‘the only one of its kind – unlike anything else.’

We would all say that our child is unique, with their own little quirks and that it is these individual traits that makes them so special.So, are you considering their educational options and looking to find a school or early years provider that caters for these unique qualities?

Alder Bridge School in Padworth, near Aldermaston, is an Independent Day School for 0 – 14 yrs that caters for each child and their individual requirements. Here, ‘ Learning is a journey and not a race’. Set in the idyllic Berkshire countryside, we too are unique, being the only Steiner-Waldorf school in the Thames Valley and surrounding areas.

What is Steiner-Waldorf education?

Steiner-Waldorf education is respected worldwide for its ability to produce very able young people who have excellent interpersonal skills, particularly when communicating with adults, with diverse capacities and a strong sense of self. They progress to a broad range of career options as confident and grounded individuals.

Many of our activities take place outside in the natural environment that surrounds the school and in addition, we have a wonderful woodland classroom, complete with wood-burning stove. Here, children learn to be at one with nature and use the resources around them to create tools, to play and to develop their team and communication skills.

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Alder Bridge School

Alder Bridge School caters for children from 0-14 years and we offer early years Sunbeams Parent & Toddler provision, a Kindergarten (3 – 6 yrs) and Lower School (7 – 14yrs). Our Ofsted or (School Inspection Service) report is good, with aspects of outstanding and can be seen by visiting our website at

Parent Testimonials

‘Steiner-Waldorf education provides an unhurried and creative learning environment, where children can find joy in learning and experience the full richness of childhood. The curriculum is a flexible framework and takes account of the whole child, giving equal attention to the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of each child, working in harmony with different children’s child development.’ Giles Taylor

“My eldest son, now 18, who went on to do 6 A levels on leaving Alder Bridge and is about to go to University, says this of his education:  ‘it taught me how to be with myself,  how to be with others,  and how to be with nature’.  The staff at Alder Bridge are hugely gifted, teaching in the most creative and engaging way, and relating to each child with compassion,  respect and integrity. My children see the school community as their extended family.  I would choose this education for my children again and again without hesitation.” Dorothy Farr


Contact Alder Bridge School

Japanese girl crop moreFor a discussion about how Alder Bridge School can provide a unique experience for your child, please contact:

Jayne Mills, School Business Manager
0118 971 447

Rachel McCrory Education Manager
0118 971 447

We warmly welcome visitors to our school to see what we can offer your child.

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