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The decisions we make about education and work are life-impacting and too often we rely on the opinions of others or we stick with what is expected of us. Everyone of us faces choices at various stages in life.  Vanessa Kenneth from CareersTutor can help you make the decisions that are right for you. She offers a professional approach that is practical, personal and keeps you at the centre of the conversation. Together, you can achieve a lot in a surprisingly short time.

Vanessa Kenneth is a highly qualified and experienced careers adviser with a background in business, education and the creative industries. She works in both state and independent schools as well as with private clients of all ages:

Your son or daughter may be deciding whether to study A levels, go to university or seek vocational training
You may soon be graduating and feel unsure about your next steps
You may have had a career break but now wish to return to work
You may be seeking a career change
You may be considering setting up in business

Whatever your career question or dilemma, Vanessa Kenneth RCDP, PgDip Career Guidance and QCG from CareersTutor can help.

Career Consultations with CareersTutor

Careers Consultations with CareersTutor include a pre appointment information request, a one hour meeting followed by an email summary with agreed action list.

This small investment could save you a lot of money; university costs up to £9k per year and fees still have to be repaid if your son or daughter realise they have made the wrong decision. Guidance about options can help you or your child achieve goals and ambitions. Advice about job search strategies or a career change can save you time and stress.

Customer Testimonials

“Thank you for your enlightened guidance. Not only did you give me pointers for back-ups for next year; but also gave me vital pointers in how to help my son approach the bigger picture. THANK YOU SO MUCH,” Julia (parent of a 6th form student)
“I found our meeting really helpful – thank you – and have a clarity I didn’t before as well as a relief about not chasing jobs I don’t need.
I will come back to you if I or my children need further support,” Caroline (adult client)
“It was really great to talk with you on Saturday.Thank you so much for all of your notes regarding my CV and LinkedIn,” Charlie (recent graduate)

How to contact CareersTutor

To find out how CareersTutor can help you make decisions in your education or career please contact:

Vanessa Kenneth
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