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As a home owner you spend time and money getting your house just right for you but does your garden suit you and your lifestyle? Do you look out of your window and not like what you see? Many people settle for what was in the garden when they moved in even if it doesn’t reflect their personality or lifestyle.

Why be that person?  You can have a garden that works for you practically and is as customised to you as your house is. By listening to you and working closely with you, I help you have the garden you need for the life you lead and will provide creative and practical solutions for you to have your garden your way.

Everything I offer you starts from our initial contact and an assessment of where you are with your garden and where you want to be. Getting to know you; what you like, what’s important to you and how you would like to live in your garden, enables me to work with you to develop a plan to make your garden the best it can be for you.

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What I can do for you

Our first meeting together is the starting point. I will always guide you to what you actually need. Sometimes this will be a combination of services! And if I feel I can’t help at all I won’t waste your time but will try and recommend someone who can help you.

Garden Design

Design is the key to everything!  Think of it as the plan for your garden.  It is the piece of paper that incorporates all your ideas, practical needs and dreams.  It answers all the questions above and more.  The design ensures your ideas fit within the space you have, are feasible and can be built.

The process involves a full garden survey plus a detailed meeting with you to get to grips with your needs and wants. This leads to the development of your design drawn up to scale ready for building. Design is about the ‘bones’ of your garden. Making the shapes and patterns work for you.

Building a Garden

From the garden design, you’ll have enough information to approach landscapers to get quotes for building your garden.  It’s the piece of paper that ensures you’re all talking about the same thing (as opposed to the chinese whispers garden!)

If you have ever project-managed anything you know how time-consuming it can be. I can take this weight off your shoulders and use my contacts within the industry to get you quotes and time scales so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for!  I hate surprises when I do any project so I aim for there to be none for you.

I have exacting high standards (a little OCD!) so you can be assured that anyone I recommend will have a similar high level of professionalism and high quality of workmanship.


We will create a Planting Design which includes everything you need to plant your garden yourself. Or you can let me do it for you (the garden equivalent of getting the decorators in). I can accurately quote from the Planting Design how much it will cost to prepare and plant your garden to my exacting standards. Then all you have to do is watch your garden evolve!

Giving your plants the best start in life is so important. You’ll be amazed at the difference in quality of the plants I supply, compared with those from your local garden centre, because mine have had the right start. Prepare to be amazed by the difference in price too: garden centres can be a very expensive option.

Customer Testimonials

“Everything was carefully explained, together with the rationale behind the thinking or decision.  This included thoughts on future maintenance of the garden. We would unreservedly recommend Bluestones to anyone considering adding that special touch to their garden, no matter how large or small.” Karen & Tim, Newbury, Berkshire

“Bluestones came up with a lovely design for an agreed budget following an initial consultation, where they really listened to what we wanted and endeavoured to give us exactly what we required.  They are very thorough, professional and passionate about what they do. They suggested plants we would never have thought of, that have thrived superbly in our front garden.  An extremely good investment!” Hanna, Wantage, Oxfordshire

“The garden looks quite different to 12 months ago and we are very pleased.  The meadow grass looks fabulous in April/May/June and the border has filled out very well.” Robert & Sue, Beenham, Berkshire

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If you are not sure what help you need for your garden, contact Sara and she will let you know how she can help:

Sara Southey, Dip. PSGD
Bluestone Garden Design

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