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micro pigs
Micro Pigs For Sale

Micro or small pigs make good house or garden pets. They will grow to a maximum size of a labrador dog and they are highly intelligent and sociable. They love having their ears and belly rubbed. They almost go into a trance.

They learn their names and they are easy to train like a dog, though they can be quite pushy – if you don’t want them on the sofa you tell them to get off!  They will happily live indoors or outdoors but to begin with you would need to keep them indoors to get used to you so they would need a dog bed and a litter tray in the house. Pigs keep their nests clean and choose a place away from their home for their latrine. Once they come when called, you can let them out into the garden. A bucket of food is a good way to get them to come as they love rewards! They are also capable of using a dog flap.

Pigs are omnivores – eat both meat and vegetation and they like at least two meals each day and need access to plenty of fresh water. Outside they root around and eat grass and plants. They are ideal for clearing your vegetable patch but you would need to fence off precious areas of your garden. They like to sleep in comfort and enjoy a siesta daily. They will lay in the warmth of the sun and roll in muddy puddles when they are too hot.

To keep a pig you must have a CPH (County Parish Holding) number, which is obtainable through DEFRA for free. To take them for walks we recommend training them in a harness and you have to register your walking route with DEFRA.

These males piglets are 17 weeks old and are £100 each.

For more details contact Susan at Gable End Farm for more information on or 07850482919
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