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Green Machine Computers

Your local green IT recycling centre, IT support company and IT training academy.

Refurbish, Recycle, Reuse

Most offices and many homes have valuable space taken up with old IT equipment that, although no longer suitable for their owners’ purposes, may be ideal for someone else. We collect your unwanted IT kit, take it to triage in our lab, then recycle the parts or refurbish it for use by charities and other local organisations which cannot afford the latest equipment.

We recycle to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) standards and destroy data to military standards. We provide full documentation for both.

Security of Your Data. We understand the importance of keeping your data yours. We take detailed measures to ensure that the data on any machines given to us is completely destroyed in a secure environment.

Transfer of Data. It may be that you don’t want to destroy data: quite the reverse. In many cases the equipment might be beyond repair but the data is recoverable – if so, we can extract it and return it on an agreed medium such as CD ROM or USB stick.

IT Sales and support

Our work is not just about recycling, important though that is. Our highly qualified and fully trained engineers have many years of IT industry experience and are able to support businesses and individuals on an ad hoc or contract basis, either hourly, monthly, annual.

On the other hand you may just need a solution to a particular IT problems. We handle a range of issues from slow PCs to scammed machine takeovers and from jammed CD drives to broken screens or keyboards. Our tea and coffee is as good as our advice, so please drop in.

IT Training Academy

We’re committed to recycling kit for good cause: just as important to us is training and supporting young trainees, giving them an opportunity to learn about IT by working on the equipment under expert supervision. These trainees go on to gain a formal qualification in IT through an accredited IT apprenticeship.

Some of our trainees come from disadvantaged backgrounds and with learning difficulties where they have struggled to gain formal qualifications or hold down full-time employment.

Why use Green Machine?
  • Your unwanted equipment will be recycled ethically to the benefit of charities and similar organizations in your area.
  • Your unwanted equipment will have its data destroyed and be recycled to WEEE standards
  • Your unwanted equipment will support young trainees with an IT apprenticeship
  • We will collect free of charge, except for hazardous items
  • Our expertise enables us to provide a complete IT support service.
  • If you are a business, we can provide a strong CSR story for your company

Go Green, and recycle that machine!  Green Machine aims to reuse or recycle everything we collect and to use the results to benefit the local community – less in the landfill, more room in your storage cupboard and a good deal for local charities and similar organizations in the area. We need more equipment to fully occupy our staff and apprentices –let us know if you have any kit that needs collecting.

Customer Testimonials

“When your offer came in to completely refurbish all laptops, replace worn out or broken parts and install more memory, we were utterly blown away! It answered our prayers because we had no idea where we would find the funding to replace them. I was hugely impressed by your business model when I visited. Giving NEETs an opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship with you and build their confidence in themselves as you have done is a wonderful example of how a social enterprise should operate.” Christina Smith, Chair of Trustees, Community at 67.

Thank you so much on behalf of ATE for the extremely generous donation of the Fujitsu Esprimo laptop and bag. This will massively improve my flexible working as it is lighter and of a higher spec than the one I am using. From myself and all of us at ATE, a massive thank you.” Leela Shanti, Action Through Enterprise.

“After my processor gave up the ghost, I took it down to Green Machine following a recommendation by Penny Post. The knowledgeable and helpful staff retrieved my data and set me up with a reconditioned machine so that I could get back speedily to work and the cost was very reasonable. They will also recycle your old equipment, so don’t take it down to the tip!” Theresa Hing, East Garston

“I recently ordered an Acer laptop through Green Machine. Their advice was spot on and I would recommend them to friends” Paul Marriott

Contact Green Machine Computers

Green Machine ComputersFor more details contact Daniel and the team on:
T: 01672 520 133

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