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Advice from Green Machine Computers: Back up data before you upgrade to Windows 10

Customers are calling in with Windows 10 problems and lost data so here is some advice from one of our technicians here at Green Machine Computers before you take the plunge and upgrade.

Before upgrading your PC to Windows 10, you should make sure all of your data is backed up: any personal photos, videos, music files and important documents that you don’t want to lose.

This can be done in multiple ways but here are two of the easiest. These should be done before upgrading:

  1. Purchase a portable hard drive, or a USB flash drive. We recommend a proper portable hard disk drive (HDD). These can be in a range of sizes and prices so go for one that you think will suit your needs eg if you have lots of important documents and unique old photos you will need a bigger HDD. After you’ve bought one, copy all of the data onto it in one go.  Easy.  Green Machine can supply an HDD for you and we also have memory devices in stock from £10
  1. Get yourself some cloud storage. What is cloud storage? Well imagine having a safety deposit box that you can visit all the time, any time. But instead of your possessions it’s for your data. This normally has the same sort of price across the board and paying more normally equates to more storage space, but be careful. If you use cloud storage you’ll need internet access to get to it and upgrading may break some of your drivers that control your internet connection, so you won’t be able to get it back until you fix it.  Green Machine supplies online storage through one of its partners, this can be arranged and setup by us. Alternatively look at Google Drive or Drop Box.

Remember that once you have upgraded to Windows 10 you need to check if all you files are still on your computer. If they’re not you just need to plug in your portable hard drive or log into your cloud storage so you can retrieve your missing files.

We hope this helps and remember if you have any problems or queries don’t hesitate to call the tech team at Green Machine and ask for some help.

We are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on info@green-machine.org or 01672 520133. Or pop in to see us in Whittonditch (on the way to Ramsbury from the Hungerford direction).

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