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Pestco is a family business that provides a fast, friendly and effective service to tackle your home, garden, agricultural or commercial pest problems. We provide a full range of services to deal with any type of pest and our services are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


June through to October is prime wasp season. A wasps nest can suddenly seem to appear out of nowhere – in fact it has been there since the spring but you don’t notice it until the queen has developed a big colony. If you have a nest on your property please think twice about tackling it yourself especially if it requires a ladder. We have seen many occasions where people without proper protective clothing have been badly stung.

Take special care when strimming hedges as the vibration really antagonises the wasps and they will attack you. Remember to tap the hedge all along with a stick first to see if any wasps appear. If they do – call us before you attempt to cut the hedge.

We use an effective powder that penetrates properly into the nest killing the whole colony not just the few wasps around the entrance. If you call us straight away we will respond within 24 hours (often the same day) to deal with any pest situation.

Customer Testimonials
Jenny S “I called Robert as soon as I discovered the wasps and he arrived that afternoon and dealt with them straight away. They were all gone within 24 hours and we were very relieved.”

Brian Q “we spent a lot of money on over-the-counter rat poisons which just didn’t work. Pestco came in with the stronger poisons that kill the rats rather than just boost their immune systems. They laid the traps very safely so we weren’t worried about wildlife or pets.”

Sally M “we had an embarrassing situation when we thought we had bed bugs. Robert kindly popped round and did a thorough investigation of our beds and reassured us he that he couldn’t find any evidence of bed bugs.”

Mark C “we despaired when we discovered the damage done by carpet moths in our house. It was a big relief when Robert dealt with them so quickly.”

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