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Crushco Music Systems & Home Cinemas

Crushco install studio-quality sound systems and home cinemas into homes, boats, and offices around the world.

We specialise in Linn music systems because of their precision, reliability, and pure audio quality. Having banked years of experience working with top bands in major studios we wanted to source a product that could play digital and vinyl recordings to the studio standards in which they were made.

This is an open invitation for anyone serious about music to audition the very best sound systems on the market. We will happily demonstrate how all your media appliances can be connected to Linn, how to store your music, and how you can control your system from any device you choose. Most of all, we can promise an entirely new listening experience.

Customer Feedback

“When I decided to upgrade my hi-fi system I carried out extensive market research, in the context of which I came across CRUSHCO, an independent audio video sales and installation company… and, it was a true blessing.

Mark Christopher is very pleasant and knowledgeable professional, with over a twenty years of experience in the sector. From the outset, he inspired me with his professionalism and honesty. All of that was reassuring, because -believe me- when you are about to invest your life savings in a Linn Klimax system, you hesitate about whether doing it through an online shop is the right move … Well, in my experience, CRUSHCO is the right move. Quite often CRUSHCO came up with advice that made everything less costly and more efficient.”

Emilio Hernández

Contact Details

Crushco is open Monday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm and available to call on tel: 01488 71646 from 10 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. Visits by appointment.  We work for clients around the world but we do not wish to be an anonymous internet sales company. We encourage you to call or e-mail to discuss your requirements in more detail. We are based in the Lambourn Valley so, if you are local, do contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Website: www.crushco.net

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