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How to create an event on the Penny Post Website Calendar

Please see below details of how you can publish your own events on the Penny Post Website Calendar.

You need your own login to this site in order to publish your own events. Logins are available to all Penny Post Business Club members and to anyone with a Commercial Events Package. If you want to find out more about these, or if you have already signed up for these and you haven’t received your log-in details or have mislaid them, email penny@pennypost.org.uk

Once logged in, you can publish details of any number of your own events as far in advance as you wish. Please do not publish events organised by others: ask them to contact penny@pennypost.org.uk

Letters in red in the text [A] refer to those on the main screen-grab of the editing page below. Numbers [1] refer to the smaller screen-grab lower down.

• Logging in

Follow the login instructions we will have emailed you. If you have not received them or have mislaid them, please email penny@pennypost.org.uk

Once logged in, look at the black LH panel [1]. Go to Events and then Add New.

• Event details
A page headed Add New Event will appear (see image below). At the top is a box with Enter title here [A] in grey – type the name of event in here.

Below this is a section headed Event Details [B] There are four sub-sections. Click on each in turn to open.

Print• Event data and time. Specify the start and end date and time. Even if the event goes on all day we advise not clicking this option. If the event is to be repeated, click the Repeat box [C] and then select the repeat dates using the most suitable option.
• Event location details. If your venue appears in Select Venue drop-down menu (click on down arrow to the RHS of Choose), select that: otherwise in the Venue Name box type the name of your venue and in the Address box below enter the postcode.
• Event cost and tickets. If there is a cost please add this and any brief notes under Cost. If it’s free, click Free. You can also add a url for booking tickets online.
• Organiser contact info. Please supply these details if you wish.

• Event description
Below these panels in a text box [D] in which you can enter any details of the event. You can also add in weblinks and a photo or logo.

To add a weblink. Open the webpage you want to link to in another tab and highlight the url. Return to the event and highlight the text you wish to be linked (for instance ‘click here for more information’). Then click on the chain icon [E] in the menu bar and paste the url into the box called URL. Make sure Open link in new tab is clicked and click on Add Link. The linked text will now be in a different colour (probably blue or purple but this depends on your settings). To de-link, highlight the linked text and click on the broken chain icon [F] in the menu bar.

To add a photo or logo. You can add an image to your event providing this already exists on another website or Facebook page. Copy the source image, position the cursor where the image is to appear and paste it into the text box.  (Please note that if the source image is deleted or re-named then the image will also disappear from your PP event).

• Categories
On the right is a list of categories [G]. Please click those that are appropriate (you can select more than one). Please do not create new categories. If you feel one needs adding, please contact us.

• Tags
This appears under Categories: see [H]. Please add any key words under which people might search for the event on the web. Separate each with a comma and a single space.

• Post Expirator
This appears under Tags: see [I]
• If you have selected a repeating event with no end date, do not touch this section.
• If you have created a one-off event or a series of repeating events with an end date, please click on Enable Post Expiration and then select the day after the event or the last event. Under How to expire, select Private.

• Saving, previewing and publishing your event
At any point you can save the event [J] or preview it [K]. You should certainly save if you need to break off from the task. Previewing will show you the event as it will appear and it will open in a separate tab: once you’ve checked it, close this tab and go back to the edit screen.

When you’re happy all is complete and correct, click on Publish [L].

• Checking your event
If you click on www.pennypost.org.uk/calendar you’ll be able to see your event live on the site as others will see it. Errors and glitches can occur with any process and the only way you can be sure the event is correct is to view this final published version. If changes need to be made, see Editing events after publication below.

• Cloning events
If you wish to add an event for which many of the details are the same as one you have already published, click on All Events [1] on the black LH panel. You will then see a list of all the events that have been posted. Yours should be in the folder called Mine [2].  The Event instructions 2nd paneldisplay should default to having the most recent event at the top. If necessary you can re-sort by clicking on the column headings. Once you’ve found the post, hold the cursor over the title and some options will appear underneath, one of which is Clone to Draft [3]. Click on that. A new tab will appear which will be an exact copy of the original post: it will also save it as a draft. Change what needs changing, including the Title, and Publish as a new event.

• Editing events after publication
If you find having published the event that something needs changing, follow the stages above under ‘Cloning events’ above until you get to holding the cursor over the title. In this case, select Edit [4] and make the necessary changes. As the event has already been published, the Publish button will now read Update – when you’re done, click on that.

• Need any help?
On occasions, people have reported problems with some of the functions not working as expected. Although there are times when the Penny Post website may be having issues, experience has shown that problems are either because of either an internet interruption at your end or a time-out, ie a delay during the editing. If you need to break off, make sure you click on Save Draft [J]. If you experience any other functionality problems, please check that your own internet connection is working correctly.

If problems persist or if you have any other questions, please email penny@pennypost.org.uk including the name of the event you are editing (if it has been saved or published) and a brief description of the problem. We’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Barbara Kilpatrick

    Please can you insert the following event in the calendar:

    CHRISTMAS MARKET 3 November from 10 – 3 at Hampstead Norreys Community Shop RG18 0TD. Over thirty amazing stalls in heated marquee. Christmas gifts, food and drink, free admission, wheelchair accessibility, toilet facilities.

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